7 Most Deadly Distractions for Drivers


7 Most Deadly Distractions for Drivers

Drivers are expected to be attentive to the roadway and traffic at all times to avoid accidents and injury. Sadly, this is rarely the case. With the busy nature of life, many, if not all, drivers have been guilty of frequently losing focus while operating a vehicle. Navigating roads and highways are some of the most dangerous parts of driving so the driver seat is no place for distractions.  Considering that the typical vehicle weighs over 5,000 pounds and can cause deadly injuries at minor speeds, it is imperative that drivers eliminate these 7 deadly distractions from their driving:

    1. Daydreaming: The number #1 most deadly distraction is in fact being lost in thought while driving. Chances are you have experienced the phenomenon of the inability to recollect driving from one point to another, which is associated with the largest number accidents resulting in fatal injuries.
    2. Cell phone use: Text while driving is widely becoming illegal across the United States, due to the high percentage of crashes that result in serious or death related to this common distraction. However, a significant percentage of crashes that are related to general cell phone use include talking on the phone, dialing, searching the internet and other associated activities.
    3. Staring at accidents or vehicles pulled over: Many rear-end crashes occur when drivers are staring at commotion occurring outside of their vehicle that can include accidents, pulled over vehicles and pedestrians.
    4. Engagement with passengers: Drivers that engage in active listening and communication with their passengers have a higher likelihood of being in a fatal car accident.
    5. Reaching for an item in the vehicle: It has been found that drivers who reach across their vehicle for items ranging from navigational devices to headphones are far more likely to be involved a fatal accident than those that keep their hands safely on the wheel.
    6. Eating and drinking: It comes as no surprise that the action of eating and drinking can cause fatal car accidents, during which a driver is holding a cup or food item in one hand and attempting to steer with the other hand.
    7.  Adjustment of vehicle controls: While some modern vehicles have audio and stereo controls located on the back of the steering wheel, many do not, which result can result in distracted driving and fatal crashes. Additionally, adjusting climate controls distracts drivers in a similar manner as audio controls.

Eliminate these deadly distractions from your driving habits by paying attention to the roadway and keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times to avoid being the cause of a fatal car accident.

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