About us

All-In-One Auto Detailing

At All-In-One Auto Detailing, we bring experience and knowledge to all of our detail work, and for good reason! Wyatt and Dawson, their friends, family and clients- have worked in the car detail industry since 1994.  To Dawson and Wyatt, detailing is an art form, and they have consistently proven to be among precious few in the car detail industry with the amount of knowledge and experience it takes to bring your auto detailing game to the next level. Their reputation speaks for itself, and it shows!

Wyatt and Dawson understand that a lot more goes into auto detail work than just a wash and wax. Thanks to their dedication to auto detailing excellence, All-In-One Auto Detailing offers the best, safest car care products and services to give your car a showroom-quality appearance. We only use the finest car care products that are guaranteed to be non-abrasive and leave your finish free of scratches, swirls and other paint damage that can occur from driving through a car wash that uses brushes. At All-In-One, every car we service is treated with the same respect, precision and commitment to excellence, whether it is a new Lamborghini or the family SUV. Our passion for auto detailing drives us to expect nothing but excellence in every detailing service we provide, and we consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients and their vehicles.

If you are a resident of Shakopee, MN or neighboring areas, do your car a favor and drive it to All-In-One for the first-class treatment it deserves! From extensive polish jobs to paint correction to a simple wash and wax, we do it all and we do it well. Come visit us at All-In-One and see the difference between us and other detailing services you have used in the past. For the best products, safest techniques and most dedicated customer service, look no further than All-In-One Auto Detailing. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment for a detailing service, or just drive by for a full service car wash. You won’t be disappointed!