Does my car need special welding equipment if welding is necessary?

Many cars require special equipment to be repaired properly,  how important is this?  Well, if your vehicle requires welding and the wrong welder is used it will weaken the structure of your vehicle. In the unfortunate event of another accident the air bag systems and other safety devices will not respond in the proper time and serious physical injuries can occur.

Ask your collision repair shop if welding is required? Will your repairs require (squeeze type resistance spot welding)  STRSW with a two phase or 3 phase inverter welder? Will mig welding or pulse mig welding be required?  Does the OEM ” original equipment manufacturer, ”  require pulse Silicon bronze welding? Will panel weld bonding be used?

Is the panel to be welded or Rivet bonded?

Do they have the proper equipment and how do they decide what to use?

All of these answers are available and reputable body shops use sources that supply this information.  Ask your shop of choice to show you,  were they get there repair procedure information from, you may be surprised.

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