How to Tell if Your Collision Repair Was Done Correctly

How to Tell if Your Collision Repair Was Done Correctly

A vehicle is an investment on wheels upon which you rely for your transportation needs. Invariably, you will be faced with investing money and time into auto repairs as situations arise. Each time you bring your vehicle in for service, you must ensure your collision repair was done correctly in order to avoid unnecessary recurring issues with your vehicle.

Ways You Can be Sure Your Collision Repair Was Done Correctly

  • A collision repair specialist in good standing will provide you with a warranty that covers your upcoming repair. Prior to dropping off your vehicle, make sure that the service center you are considering offers a warranty and either comes with a good reference or has been in business for a substantial period of time.
  • Before you leave your automotive service center, have the service technician go over your bill with you. Take note of any parts that are listed on the bill and read over the details of the specific repairs that were completed. Ask the technician what warning signs you should be aware of that indicate the repair was not successful.
  • Depending upon the collision repair that was done, you may be able to visually inspect or test out the auto repair prior to driving away from the service center. If you are unsatisfied with the auto repair or concerned about anything you are seeing, ask the technician to take a look at your vehicle with you.
  • Once you are on the road, listen closely to the noises coming from your vehicle and pay attention to any unusual vibrations. If you feel that something is wrong with your vehicle in the weeks or months following your auto repair, do not hesitate to make an appointment with your service

Being certain your auto repair was done successfully begins with choosing a reputable service center that supplies warranties for their auto repairs and employs technicians who ask detailed questions as what you are experiencing. Once the service center has decided upon a course of action, you should receive a call explaining the reasoning behind their solution and an estimate for what the auto repair will cost.  After the collision repair is completed, it’s up to you to closely watch your vehicle’s performance to ensure your auto repair was done correctly. Last but not least, feel free to bring your vehicle to our Anaheim body shop and we can assess your repairs.

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