How We Remove Dents and Dings from Your Car

How We Remove Dents and Dings from Your Car


Vehicle damages happen daily and can be stressful to any car owner. Whether it’s a car accident or a shopping cart, dents happen. If left alone they can rust, damage body parts, and become a constant eye sore. If heavy damage is a done a frame alignment may be necessary but most often a simple dent removal is done. Dent removal isn’t hard but it should be done by a professional for the most effective, flawless look. Body mechanics go to vocational school and have many years of experience. We provide you with experienced tradesmen who will turn out efficient results. There are many types of dent repair techniques but here are some of the top choices we use:

The dent will be hammered out using a pneumatic metal cutting tool. The creases and lines will be filed, ground, and or sanding it down. Filing the materials to the original shape is easily done using plastic or soddering materials. If the dent is deep a sandblaster may be used to remove the excess. After the repairs are completed a new coat of paint will be applied by matching it to a small, unnoticeable section of paint. A sealant is also used to prevent any chipping or weather wear and tear.

Dings can often be smoothed out using a sander or a sand blaster. This will allow the ding to be reduced in size and a filler will be applied. Again, auto paint will be applied to cover any marks.

Any parts that cannot be repaired this will be removed and a new part soddered to the vehicle. Plastic is most commonly used for the cheapest, most endurable fix. Hot air welding guns can soften the material and allow the professional to change the molding of the piece to fix auto cosmetics.

We will ease your mind and you can trust that we will conduct a full inspection of your vehicle to make sure that there aren’t any other manufacturer issues or electrical failures. Our professionals are skilled at making dents and dings invisible and allow your car to maintain its brand new appearance.

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