Do I need several estimates?

Getting “Several Estimates” is surely not the best method to select a competent collision repairer. The collision industry is a highly competitive industry and as in most professions, not all participants conduct themselves ethically.
First of all, running around getting estimates is time consuming to both the consumer and the repair professional and is a waste of gas.  An estimate before the vehicle is disassembled is only a “guest-a-mate.”  The more serious cost and damages are usually located where you can’t see until disassembly has been completed.  New vehicles are much more complicated and there is a lot behind those plastic bumpers and other outer panels.

Know that all body shops are not alike! Consumers should do their research and due diligence (i.e. get personal referrals, check with online reviews, tour the facility, ask local businesses in the auto field, obtain references etc.) before making a decision.

The estimate after tear down should be explained and be thorough and contain all the procedures necessary to properly and thoroughly restore the damaged vehicle to its pre-loss condition in safety, function, reliability and value to the best of human ability. The shop must be subscribed to sources such as: ( Verifacts, iCar, Alldata or OEM direct) to obtain critical OEM ” original equipment manufacturer,” repair or replacement procedures.
Today’s vehicles are highly technical and an improperly repaired vehicle can pose serious safety concerns for unwary consumers and their family. Poor and insufficient repairs can also economically harm the consumer due to loss or diminution in value of the vehicle.

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