Auto Glass Repair Anaheim

We offer auto glass replacement and body repair service in Anaheim. Whether your windshield has a crack, chip, or is broken, our expert staff will repair or replace your problem window by itself or as part of our collision repair. We focus on providing prompt and speedy service to get your vehicle back on the road and help you get on with your life. Chips, cracks and stars can impair visibility especially when driving in rain. Most people think that small cracks and stars require complete window replacement. With our advanced repair methods, spiders, stars and even small cracks can be sealed without compromising safety. Cracks that are smaller than a dollar-bill can usually be repaired as opposed to replacing the whole windshield which can save you money. Don’t risk your or your passenger’s safety and call us to get your windshield repaired today!

We repair windshield cracks in Buena Park, CA so if you are tired of looking through your damaged windshield stop by our shop today. Repairing rock chips can stop windshield damage from spreading further and further on your window.  Getting your windshield chip repaired can prevent you from a more costly repair down the road. Cracks often spread when using everyday features of your car like air conditioning and defrosters. Shutting car doors and trunks can also lead to cracks spreading so if your car’s windshield is cracked be careful when exiting and entering the vehicle. While car washes are necessary, refrain from doing so until your windshield is completely fixed as this could decrease the safety of your windshield and create further damage.

AtNew Life Auto Collision, we perform your auto glass replacement with only the highest quality materials. We have competitive prices and our technicians are skilled and trained. We can quickly and professionally repair or replace your window to improve the safety of your vehicle.

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