Bumper Repair Anaheim

When your vehicle’s bumper has been damaged due to an accident, you should find a capable and trustworthy collision repair center, like New Life Auto Collision , that has the expertise, technology and resources to get the job done right in the shortest amount of time possible.

bumper repair anaheim caTo successfully complete a vehicle’s bumper repair, an automotive center will need to employ highly trained technicians that understand how to repair the type of material of which the bumper is manufactured; which processes are suitable to achieve the best outcome in terms of visual presentation and longevity; and how to skillfully implement the latest techniques and equipment developed for auto body repair and paint restoration.

Our team of automotive professionals is experienced in all types of body restoration, including bumper repair. By utilizing the latest body shop technology, we can complete your bumper repair efficiently and effectively in a timely manner during your first appointment without a need for a return visit.

Types of Bumper Repair

    • Scuffs and scratches: In some instances, scuffs and scratches may require more than touch-up paint. If a vehicle’s bumper must be repainted, a modern automotive facility must be able to precisely match the current paint using the latest in paint matching software and equipment. Once it has been exactly matched, the appropriate application products and techniques must be selected based on the type of material of the bumper, such as plastic or metal.
    • Cracked and/or dented: Depending on the extent of the damage, it may require plastic or metal welding to sufficiently restore the bumper. Our technicians are certified welders that must undergo annual training to ensure every vehicle is properly repaired to meet safety requirements and our clients’ standard of satisfaction.
    • Replacement: In order to replace a vehicle’s bumper, a factory bumper must be promptly located, correctly installed and accurately match the vehicle’s current shade of color.

If you are in or around Anaheim stop by New Life Auto Collision or call one of our friendly service representatives at (714) 559-3904 to schedule an appointment, so our automotive experts can examine your vehicle and advise you on how we can successfully complete your bumper repair. When you choose New Life Auto Collision, you will have peace of mind knowing you’ve trusted your vehicle to the professionals.

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