Frame Repair Anaheim

While a car accident can be an exceptionally stressful time for you, your collision repair doesn’t have to be, even if you’ve heard the dreaded words of, “bent frame” or “frame repair.” Many vehicle owners believe that once a frame or unibody is bent that the car will be totaled. This is not necessarily the case due to the many advancements in automotive technology that allow modern facilities with expertly trained technicians to successfully repair frame damage.

At New Life Auto Collision Anaheim, we want to ease your concerns about your vehicle’s frame damage by explaining what it means when a vehicle has a bent frame or unibody and how it can be restored to its original factory specifications.

frame-repair-anaheim-caWhat is Frame Damage?

Frame damage occurs when the force of the collision is great enough to shift, bend and or twist the vehicle’s frame. Proper alignment of the frame is necessary to safeguard passengers in instances of an accident, which is why a vehicle’s frame must be restored to factory specifications to be considered fully repaired and safe to operate.

How is a Bent Frame Repaired?

In order to return the frame to its original factory specifications, our technicians employ state-of-the-art computerized 3D measuring equipment that precisely measure the vehicle’s frame and compares it to the manufacturer database to determine how the frame will need to be adjusted. Then, sophisticated frame-pulling and vehicle anchoring systems are implemented to complete the frame repair. Finally, we use the latest body shop technology to make sure that the structure of the vehicle meets the manufacturer stand

How is a Damaged Unibody Repaired?

In the case of a vehicle with unibody damage, it is a much easier task to repair when compared to the common frame. A unibody vehicle is manufactured with separate sections that can be individually replaced as needed.

With years of experience in restoring damaged vehicles to pre-accident condition, New Life Auto Collision Anaheim in Anaheim, CA, is prepared to assess the extent of damage to your vehicle and properly execute any needed frame repair. Ensure your vehicle is safe and ready to drive by trusting our skilled technicians with the job of completing your collision repair services. Call our friendly and informative customer service representatives today at (714) 559-3904 to schedule your service appointment.

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