What is Paintless Dent Removal?

As a Fullerton body shop we understand that dents can be caused by a variety of different factors ranging from hail to being in a minor accident. When a vehicle is dented, paintless dent removal, or PDR, is often sought. This is a very simple process that involves removing the dent, but there are times when this form of dent removal is not beneficial.

paintless dent removal

When Paintless Dent Removal is Recommended

When a dent is formed, there will be times when the paint itself is removed or chipped in the process. This means that it will not be wise to use paintless dent removal. This method is meant to be done to save the actual paint from being damaged. If there is no paint damage, normal dent removal will not be necessary.

If paint damage exists, another method should be sought. Otherwise, PDR will be beneficial.

How the Process Works

PDR is suitable for shallow damage where the dent is not too deep. The idea behind PDR is that the paint and metal that has been dented must not be stretched. This process comes from Europe and has become commonplace at car dealers and is used prevalently in our Anaheim body shop.

This process works by using metal rods or body picks. These tools will be used to push the metal out from underneath the actual dent. There are also times when pulling methods can be used by applying a strong adhesive to the dent and effectively pulling the metal back into place.

If the dent has left an improper leveling of the metal, there are further techniques that can be used. For instance, a person can use a tapping method to gently allow the metal to go back to its original shape.

While the process sounds easy, it has been classified as an art by many industry professionals. This is because pushing the dents out takes years to learn and master. A person that is an expert will be able to push out the dent without causing paint or clear coat damage. This will save the owner money in the form of repainting work that needs to be done.

This method is preferred because it provides the following advantages:

  • No repainting or filler work on the body is needed
  • The original part is still left on the vehicle
  • The time it takes to remove dents is a mere day in most cases
  • The cost to remove a dent is much cheaper than traditional body work

For small to large dents that have not caused any paint or substantial body damage or curving, paintless dent removal has become the best method of removal.

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